Baboo – West Bay

Baboo - West BayA brand new artisan gelato being handmade in Bridport?! – when John and I were invited for a tour of Baboo Gelato’s base we didn’t need asking twice. Sam and Annie launched Baboo Gelato in March this year, following a 2 month kitchen fit out and 10 months of recipe, packaging and brand development. Annie trained in Bolognia and all of the recipes are her own.

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Murder Mystery Evening – West Compton Manor

Murder Mystery Evening - West Compton ManorWhen we were invited to attend a Murder Mystery Evening at West Compton Manor, I must admit it is not really my idea of fun, but Vicky loves things like this, so we accepted. West Compton Manor is nestled in real deepest West Dorset and is the perfect place to hold a murder mystery, “in Compton Valley no one can hear you scream!”

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Yalbury & Yvon’s – Dorchester

Yalbury & Yvon's - DorchesterThe Brewery Square, Dorchester has brought many restaurants, bars & cafes to the area. Mostly they are nationals, but scattered close by are a few wonderful independent establishments and Yalbury & Yvon’s is one of these gems.

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Billy Winters – Weymouth

Billy Winters – WeymouthBilly Winters (locally caught Weymouth Bay prawns) Diner Bar is the brain child of Nigel Bloxham, the owner and chef of the Crab House Cafe. Billy Winters is a place we have been meaning to visit since it opened last year, but never got round to it until today.

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Dorset Snails

Dorset SnailsAfter mentioning on Twitter that I had never tasted snails, David Walker (Sales Director for Dorset Snails) invited me along to their processing unit to try them for myself!! After checking with East Dorset Foodie (on her patch!) I headed over to Holton Heath to investigate the production of these molluscs!

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Delicious – Weymouth

Delicious - WeymouthAmongst the buckets & spades and objet d’art in the quintessential English seaside thoroughfare, St. Alban Street in Weymouth, there is an oasis of wonderful Dorset produce!! Delicious is a delicatessen dedicated to serving great Dorset food sourced from local farms & producers.

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Washingpool Farm Shop – Bridport

Washingpool Farm Shop – BridportSince its inception with the purchase of a small farm in 1971, the family business at Washingpool has always been ahead of its time. Long before diversification was a buzz word the family saw that in order to survive and prosper, income was needed beyond the small dairy herd and so Washingpool Farm Shop was born. Initially it was an informal affair in the old chicken house, a way to market the fruit and vegetables grown on the farm; then with the addition of two shops in town and two market stalls, they ventured into self-service. The infiltration of the supermarkets hit sales and so in 2000 they opened their significantly larger out of town store as it exists today. The Bridport greengrocery stores are long gone but Washingpool retain a town centre presence with a market stall outside no.21 West Street every Saturday.

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Brown Goose Catering – Gourmet Dinner

Brown Goose CateringI first met Rob Scott through CrossFit Weymouth and talk soon drifted over to food. Rob’s resume in the catering business is impressive, he started attending a NVQ Course in Weymouth, before appearing in the inaugural Masterchef Professionals where he reached the quarter finals. This jump started his career, he then lived & worked in Australia, Bermuda and the U.S.A. As well as providing fine dining at top level hotels in the U.K. he has been Private Chef to a family of 6. Most recently he was at the 4* Moonfleet Manor Hotel in Weymouth.

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Bearkat – Wings of a Dove

Bearkat - Wings of a DoveThe Bearkat experience starts long before you enter the venue. From the posters to the event titles all hint towards the treats to be unveiled ahead. This being a “secret” supper club the location of the evening is not revealed until the day of the event itself. On the eve of this, the latest Bearkat supper club Wings of a Dove I went to bed with a little of the anticipation of the night before Christmas – awaking to a dawn gift in my inbox revealing the location as Bridport’s Chapel in The Garden.

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Sutton Poyntz Community Bakery

Sutton Poyntz Community BakeryThe picturesque village of Sutton Poyntz is putting on its aprons, dusting off its bread tins and firing up its ovens – it’s going baking-mad for charity.

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